lundi 13 juin 2011

Visit in Montecristi

Last month I visited Ecuador, the country that makes the so called Sombreros de paja toquilla, better knowned as "Panama Hats". I had the pleasure to go to Montecristi, where the famous montecristi hat comes from. I bought a hat for my father and had the pleasure to see the lady work in her workshop.

Every morning before dawn her and her family get together and start weaving until the heat is to much and the fingers start sweating.

This hat will be a "montecristi fino".  She takes one month to weave a hat like this one. Respect.

There is not much choice in her store section. But it takes so much time for her to make one!

Woman at work

 Mine! This one takes (only!) 3 days to make.

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