lundi 24 mai 2010

Photo Shooting "Fifties Feeling"

My friend Danni organised a photo shooting aroung the theme "Fifties Feelings". Mon Bibi creations were part of it, among other labels like [anna block], Blackseapearl, Die Stoffpuppen, Dress-O-Rama, Feisty Cat, Frozen Hibiscus, Laufmasche, Lucky Diva, mon bibi, Neptunsgeschmeide, Pin up Couture, Redcat 7, Slacks Fashion, Talents and Tamai Dickhoff.

Here are a couple of beautiful pictures.

Styling: Daniela Zühlke
Photography: Swantje Neubohn

- Mary Kolende
- Kristin (Mocca Models)
- Stine Audorf

Hair & Make up
- Miriam Günther
- Franziska Stephan
- Anna-Maria Feicht

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